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Special Issue:»XIX SEFIN Congress and 2nd Spanish-Portuguese Congress on Beneficial Plant-Microorganism Interactions (BeMiPlant)
Journal: Agronomy, Applied Microbiology, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Microorganisms, and Plants.
Special Issue: «18th SEFIN Meeting and 1st Spanish-Portuguese Congress on Beneficial Plant-Microorganism Interactions»
Journal: Biology
Guest Editors: Dr. Manuel Becana, Dr. Isabel Videira, Dr. Jose Maria Vinardell and Dr.  Ana Rincón
Special Issue: «Genomics of Nitrogen-Fixing Plant Symbiotic Bacteria»
Journal: Microorganisms
Guest Editors: Dr. José I. Jiménez-Zurdo and Dr. Alessio Mengoni
Special Issue: “The Role of Plant-Growth Promoting Bacteria in Crop Improvement”
Journal: Agriculture
Guest Editors: Dr. Salvadora Navarro-Torre and Dr. Ignacio David Rodríguez-Llorente